Terms of Use

For a better understanding and reading of this article, we will refer from now on to the team behind TheSmartMechanic as “our website,” “we” or “this website.”

On a regular basis, TheSmartMechanics writes articles, guides, recommendations for mechanics and car owners with the goal of expanding their body of knowledge in this field.

This Terms of Use page makes sure all users are aware of their responsibilities once they start using our website and its community. Entering this website entails users’ consent to respect the rules and regulations explained on this page. The same rules apply whenever an interaction between two visitors takes place, for instance within the comment section. Failing to comply with these regulations may lead to a permanent or temporary ban of your IP on our website. Your account may also be deleted according to the severity of the rule-breaking.

We reserve the right to resort to these measures immediately without notifying visitors first.


The reason why TheSmartMechanic needs Terms of Use is to ensure the safety and security of our community of readers and users. Mind you that it is not legal for a third party to ask for your TheSmartMechanic login details. Once you decide to create an account with our website, you automatically agree to share accurate information with the website.

This website will never use personal data for financial purposes. Read our Privacy Policy for more information on data security as a TheSmartMechanic user.

Intellectual Rights and Copyright on TheSmartMechanic

All text, images, sound effects, videos, and other types of content that readers can find on this website exist under the copyright laws. As a result, no user is allowed to take any of these materials for their own financial benefit without our clear approval. This rule exempts those materials our users created such as comments.

Our content can be downloaded. However, it is the responsibility of the downloader to refrain from using these assets for reasons other than personal or non-commercial. Even if this is the case, changes to the content to republish it are not allowed, be this action of commercial or non-commercial nature. Finally, under the copyright laws, no user can appropriate our editorial materials to publish them under their names.

Any breaking of these rules will have legal consequences. The same applies to any spam content.

The only legal way to republish sections of our work someplace else is to accompany them with a link to their source. This concerns the exact page from which you replicated content and not TheSmartMechanic home page.


Ways to Use Content

The sole nature of the content of this website is informative. We reserve the right to alter our content any way we see fit and even remove it without alerting users first.

Moving on, we are not responsible for any changes third parties make to their products after we publish reviews on them. These details may concern materials, specs, ratings, price ranges, and others.

Users’ Rights and Responsibilities

As mentioned above, users are free to take any content they find on TheSmartMechanic. However, there are limitations to the ways they can employ these assets further:

  • No untrue, offensive, discriminatory or unapproved content is allowed.
  • Any illegal measures against content and other TheSmartMechanic users are deeply discouraged.

Ads and Links

TheSmartMechanic uses ads and links that lead to pages we do not control. All ads are relevant to the kind of content we publish online, and therefore they are pertinent to our readers as well. However, the moment users leave our website through these third-party links, other Terms of Use will apply.

Affiliate Programs

Our website is an affiliate of Amazon and others. These retailers redirect to us some of the earnings they recorded on our website. Nonetheless, the reviews and our recommendations don’t lose their unbiased nature to the benefit of users.

Limited Liability

TheSmartMechanic editors recommend our readers quality products and tools only. Their knowledge of these products is based on information coming from retailers, manufacturers as well as customers. We are not liable for any product changes that occur after we publish our reviews. The law permits us a limited liability in these cases.