Privacy Policy

For a quick read of our Privacy Policy statement, we’ll be referring to the team behind The Smart Mechanic website as “we,” “our website” or “this website.”

This page presents the way TheSmartMechanic collects and handles data from our visitors. An important stage of this process is data protection that we’ll exemplify below. This report takes both personal and non-personal details into consideration. You will also read about the strategies we have in plan to make the website better for our readers.

Types of Collected Information

TheSmartMechanic registers various personal and non-personal data every time a user visits this website. Non-personal information entails cookies that gather usual internet details. This website retains personal data only at the explicit consent of the users. Once our website requires their personal information such as on the Contact page, visitors have to agree with the site storing these data first.

Non-Personal Data

Non-personal data covers usual internet records as well as users’ behavior when browsing. This means that no entity can identify visitors based on this type of information alone.

Non-personal data that TheSmartMechanic collects:

  • IP address and details related to the Internet Service Provider (ISP);
  • Online pages that TheSmartmechanic visitors click on before and after they enter our website;
  • Users’ browsing behaviors on our website and past webpages;
  • Other browsing-related details.

Personal Data

Personal data are those details that help parties identify visitors. TheSmartMechanic does not collect them unless visitors give their consent. Any of our pages that require any personal data will ask for their permission first.

Examples of data that our website collects with visitors’ approval: email address, first and last name, physical address, phone number, social media details. Under rare circumstances, visitors might have the choice to give their gender and location details or not.

The only purpose of personal data collection is to improve statistics and contact our readers back. Our readers’ suggestions help us make our website better.

TheSmartMechanic officially states that it will never share readers’ sensitive data with third parties for any reasons, especially financial ones.

How TheSmartMechanic Uses Personal Data

This website registers personal information for statistical and contact purpose only. Our interest is to connect to our visitors and answer to their feedback and questions. We want to take these opportunities to improve our website according to our readers’ desires.

There are chances for some third parties to come in contact with this information. These entities are our partners and help us develop our SEO, marketing, and web hosting services. When working on these assignments, they might need a few employees to have access to this data. However, they are not allowed to share these details with anyone outside their company.

Other circumstances that might force us to use our recordings are related to laws, regulations, warrants or court orders. Through these means, authorities can gain access to our sensitive data.

Important: Our privacy policy refers only to data visitors log into our website with their consent. On the other hand, our site is open to third parties that handle the on-page ads. These services work according to their own privacy terms and we are not responsible for their security measures regarding personal data recorded on our website.

Information Recording


The following is a list of the means TheSmartMechanic takes use of to handle both personal and non-personal details from visitors.

1.      Cookies

Cookies are defined by code strings that are always active in the background. Their job is to collect general internet usage information. For example, they take note of browsing behaviors. Their use to our website is strictly for statistical reports.

Under no circumstances can any party identify a user based on the information coming from cookies.

2.      Log Files

For every click users make, log files are there to record this activity. These resources are also registering the number of seconds visitors spend on any page. On top of that, log files know the online path users took to enter our website as well as their internet service provider. Their main use to us is to add non-personal data to our statistics.

Under no circumstances can any party identify a user based on the information coming from log files.

3.      Register Requests (Sign Ups)

Once users sign up to TheSmartMechanic, our website registers their personal data only after they give their explicit consent. Users cannot register unless they provide details regarding their identity. This way, our website makes sure the new subscriber is a real person. We employ the provided data only for communication purposes.

Personal data that users entrust us with are confidential.

Personal Data Protection

TheSmartMechanic protects data users entrust us with through a 3-step system: digital protection, managerial protection, and physical protection.